Welcome to Tilak Nager Industries

Welcome to Tilak Nager Industries


Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. (TI) is a leading manufacturer of liquor across the major categories - Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Vodka and Gin. TI has a market leading position in the southern and western parts of India.

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TI has various products categorised into four sections like IMFL,Sugar Cubes,Mineral water and Chemicals
IMFL ( Indian made Foreign Liquor )

TI is a leading player in the liquor industry and manufactures Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). Established in 1933 as Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. (MSM), the company transitioned to the liquor business in 1987. Over its 75 year existence, TI has grown to be an organisation committed to quality, excellence and integrity.

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TI is in the manufacturing of sugar cubes, having manufacturing capacity of 60,000 kg cubes per month. These sugar cubes are made up of double refined, sparkling white, pure sugar and are hygienically packed. All cubes are of homogeneous shape, size, texture and weight. Each pack of sugar cube contains 135 cubes.

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TI is into the manufacturing of Packaged Drinking water called Senate Royale Packaged Drinking water.It is available in 2000 ml,1000 ml,500ml 200ml . It is manufactured in state of the art hygenic plant.

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TI has a dedicated chemical division where chemicals like DEO and TRO are manufactured. Diethyl oxalate [C2H5COOC2H5]) intermediate, is ester of alcohol and acid. TI has the manufacturing capacity of 75 MT per month. DEO is colorless, odour less liquid non inflammable liquid. Major application area is in Pharma and food dyes manufacturing.
Turkey Red Oil Also known as sulphated castor oil and is the only oil which get dispersed in water completely. It is amber colour viscous liquid with heavy scent. TI has the production capacity of 60 MT per month. Since TRO is surfactant it has no. of application e.g. in textile industries, in sugar industries as deforming agent, in cosmetics it is used as humectants and as an emulsifier in oil bath, in paint as lubricant. This oil has also moisturizing abilities .