Welcome to Tilak Nager Industries

Welcome to Tilak Nager Industries

About Us

About Us

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. (TI) is a leading player in the liquor industry and manufactures Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). Established in 1933 as Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. (MSM), the company transitioned to the liquor business in 1987. Over its 75 year existence, TI has grown to be an organisation committed to quality, excellence and integrity.

About Us
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Our Corporate Identity

TI's corporate identity signifies the strength of the company and its corporate philosophy. The TI trademark has two elements - the company name and the logo type. The TI logo consists of the alphabets 'T' and 'i' in a graphic form, encircled by stalks of sugarcane and shafts of wheat against a background of a lion, a lioness, a bull elephant, a cow elephant, an open book and a string of red ribbons.

About Our Logo

Welcome to Tilak Nager IndustriesThe TI logo has been created keeping in mind all key contributors to the success and growth of the company over its long history. It also depicts the TI value system and future path.

The logo colours are RED standing for Fire and GOLD standing for the precious metal. The two colours indicate our regal and aggressive approach.

The alphabetic letters ‘T’ and ’i’ together in the centre of the logo are the abbreviation of the company name Tilaknagar Industries. The letters are also a graphic personification of an all encompassing feminine form. This denotes that TI (Tilaknagar Industries) lays prime emphasis on its People and promotes Diversity and Women Empowerment. The graphic letters together also denote a SWORD that faces downwards. The sword represents Aggression, thus marking the TI growth strategy and the downward direction of the sword suggests the importance of Restraint and Control.

The DOT which is a part of ‘i’ on the alphabet ‘T’ denotes the Moon. The RED CIRCLE in the logo denotes the Sun. The moon and the sun represent the Ying and Yang. Both are essential energy sources and parts of the universe. The Sun also suggests the company’s Environment goals - to go green, to ensure non-pollution and to generate power through solar energy and other non-conventional sources.

On the periphery of the logo, the LION and the LIONESS with their mouths wide open suggest Ferocity, Aggression and Synergy. The BULL and the COW ELEPHANT represent Synergy, Strength and Wisdom.

The OPEN BOOK is symbolic of the company’s efforts to provide Education to all. It is also symbolic of Knowledge and Learning.

The shafts of WHEAT GRAIN represent malt, which is the raw material used in the company’s production of high end grain alcohol. The SUGARCANE stalks represent the Molasses, a key ingredient in the manufacture of basic extra neutral alcohol. The sugarcane also signifies the Origin of the company as a sugar manufacturing company.

The RED RIBBONS form the base of the logo. They symbolise the ‘Padma Shree’ Award that was conferred on Shri D M Dahanukar by the Government of India. They also indicate our company’s Recognitions by the Government of India. The ribbons curl around the feet of the Lion and the Lioness and act as a restraint, thereby signifying Controlled Aggression.

The HERB LEAVES at the top of the logo denote the pharmaceutical projects of the company and the WATER DROP above the leaves represents the Water Harvesting Project of the company and the Conservation of Natural Resources.

The logo has been thought through to convey the messages of our rich heritage, our controlled ambition in business, our hunger for learning, our focus on environment and natural resource conservation, our foray into newer pastures and our commitment to future success in multiple ways.